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  • Company Profile

    Suzhou Seapeak Co., Ltd. is the leading producer of irrigation hose pipe and irrigation pipe fitting in China. It was founded in 1994.  We started our production from 1995 in Taizhou city. Since the beginning, we produced PVC layflat hose and drip tape for agricultural irrigation. And now,  we have extended to most of irrigation parts.

    Our main product:

    Sprinkler and Drip irrigation system, PVC layflat hose, PE layflat hose, PU layflat hose, drip tape, PE pipe, PVC soft hose, sprinkler hose, drip tape fitting, PP compression fitting, Microspray irrigation equipments, sprinkler hose fitting, filter, Sprinkler and other accessories.

    Our products comply with  ISO 9001:2015 quality and engineering standards. ISO9001 certification is company's management foundation. All of our products are applicable to water-saving irrigation for agriculture, garden irrigation, environmental protection, playground and construction fields.

    We have an international sales network with 3 branches in other countries. most of our products are widely distributed to more than 40 countries and regions.

    And meanwhile the company can provide customers the technology consultation and service for drip irrigation and microspray irrigation solution.

    You are welcome to visit us and send your enquiry.

Company Culture
  • Business principle
    Business principle

    Strive for perfection, integrity management, win-win cooperation.

  • Our client
    Our client

    Agricultural irrigation

    Garden irrigation

  • Our aim
    Our aim

    To be a leader in China's water-saving irrigation industry.

  • Our service
    Our service

    Scientific and reasonable irrigation solutions

    Quality irrigation products with reasonable price

    Thoughtful and professional services

Our History
  • 1995.01.26

    Founded by Mr. Bill Zhang

  • 1996.02

    4 production lines of drip tape

  • 1999.03

    Start to produce PVC layflat discharge hose

  • 2003.09

    Produce fittings and valves for drip irrigation

  • 2010.05

    Produce irrigation screen and disc filters

  • 2012.04

    Establish sales office in Russia

  • 2015.06

    Produce impact sprinkers

  • 2017.03

    Design irrigation system for clients

  • 2018

    Sales amount exceed USD20millions

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Social Responsibility

During the crop growth period, it saves 40-50% water compared to tradtional ground irrigation. Water-soluble special fertilizer is applied near the roots of the crops with water, which is easily absorbed by crops, which improves the utilization rate. It can save 20% of fertilizers on average and some more than 40%. Similar to the above reason, it can save more than 10% of the amount of pesticide, and has good insecticidal effect, and it is not easy to hurt natural enemies of pests. Due to the elimination of channels in the field, arable land can be saved by 5-7%. 

The drip irrigation technology controls the irrigation through the gate valve, so that the per person pipe quota is doubled. At the same time, drip irrigation under the film keeps the soil loose and basically does not grow weeds, which greatly reduces the number of cultivations and reduces agricultural machinery operations. Drip irrigation can also increase the management quota, so that the original management quota of about 30 acres per person can be increased to 60 acres-80 acres or more. Drip irrigation infiltration area pushes soil salt out, which improves the crop growth environment. Due to the implementation of scientific irrigation, fertilization, and pesticide application, the crops are in a good growth condition. When disaster weather is encountered, the crops have a strong resistance and a small reduction in yield. It can increase yield by 10-20%, low-yield fields can increase yield by more than 25%.

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Quality Control

We manage our production as per ISO9001.  All raw materials are under strict quality control.  Each lot will be inspected and tested. In addition, our moulds are developed with latest international technology. Their accuracy is very high. All irrigation hoses are tested under water pressure before shipment. Normally,  we will maintain water pressure about one hour. Recycled materials are prohibited to use in our product. Our usage life of irrigation fittings and irrigation valves is more than 3 years due to contain imported antiaging agent.

There are over 20 test equipments in our factory. We have one laboratory and two test lines. Our quality control staffs have worked many years. We have ISO9001 certificate more than 10 years and  EN, 3C, ULC, CE, DIN AS, BS, MSHA certificate. Every irrigation products are under our strict control.