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Drip Irrigation Dripper

Drip Irrigation Dripper

In the drip irrigation system, the device that changes the pressure water flow in the capillary into a drip or fine flow through the flow channel or orifice is called irrigation drippers or irrigation emitters. Most drippers are made of plastic. The commonly used dripper flow rate is 1 to 4 liters/hour, generally is not more than 12 liters/hour. The quality of the drip system emitters directly affects the reliability of the drip irrigation system and the quality of the irrigation water. Therefore, the Drip Irrigation Dripper is often compared to the "heart" of the water drippers irrigation system. There are many ways to classify water drippers.

Different Types of Drip Irrigation Drippers/Emitters for Sale

Drip Irrigation System Drippers/Emitters Features

  • Material: PP

  • Connection: 4/7mm  pvc hose

  • Working pressure: 1-3bar

  • Flow rate: 0-70L/H

  • Application:  Public green field, home gardening, agricultural irrigation, garden irrigation

Common Drip Irrigation Dripper Types

Drip irrigation drippers can be classified according to the connection method of drippers, and capillaries, be classified according to the flow state of the dripper, and can also be classified according to the energy dissipation method of the adjustable drip irrigation system emitters.

Irrigation Emitters Types Devided By The Connection Method

Drip irrigation drippers are classified according to the connection method of drippers and capillaries, which are divided into tube-type drippers, inter-tube drippers, and in-line drippers.

Tube-type drippers: Tube-type drippers are a type of drip irrigation emitter commonly used in drip irrigation systems. They consist of small plastic tubes or hoses with built-in emitters that deliver water directly to the plants' roots. These drip irrigation emitters, often referred to as inline drippers or microtube drippers, are designed to provide a controlled flow of water to individual plants.

In-line drippers: In-line drippers, also known as inline drip emitters or inline drippers, are a type of drip irrigation emitters commonly used in drip irrigation systems. They are designed to be installed directly into a length of tubing or pipe, providing precise and controlled water delivery to individual plants. In-line drippers consist of small plastic devices that are inserted into the irrigation tubing at regular intervals. They have built-in emitters or drip outlets that release water at a controlled rate. The spacing between the in-line drippers can be adjusted based on the water requirements of the plants and the spacing of the planting beds.

Irrigation Emitters Types Devided By The Flow State

Drippers in drip irrigation can be classified based on the flow state of the dripper, which can be categorized into laminar flow drippers and turbulent drippers.

Laminar flow drippers and turbulent drippers are two distinct types of irrigation drippers that differ in the way water flows through them.

Laminar flow drip emitters maintain a smooth and steady flow of water without any turbulence. They are designed to provide a consistent flow rate, unaffected by changes in water pressure or other factors. Laminar flow drippers deliver water in a controlled and uniform manner, making them suitable for situations where precise and even irrigation is required.

On the other hand, turbulent drippers are designed to induce turbulence in the water flow. This turbulence helps to disperse the water more evenly, particularly in situations where there might be variations in water pressure or uneven terrain. Turbulent drippers are often used in areas where there is a need for greater water distribution uniformity.

The choice between laminar flow drippers and turbulent drippers depends on factors such as specific irrigation requirements, the terrain, and the available water pressure. Laminar flow drippers are preferred when precise and consistent water delivery is crucial, while turbulent drippers are more suitable when the goal is to achieve a more even water distribution across a larger area.

It's important to consider the specific needs of the plants, the layout of the irrigation system, and the local conditions when selecting the appropriate type of dripper. Both laminar flow drippers and turbulent drippers play important roles in efficient and effective irrigation systems, ensuring that plants receive the necessary water in a controlled and uniform manner.

Irrigation Emitters Types Devided By Energy Dissipation Method

The classification of adjustable drip irrigation system emitters is based on the energy dissipation method they employ. Generally, these emitters can be categorized into several types, including long flow channel drippers, orifice drippers, maze drippers, pressure-compensated drippers, automatic backwash drippers, and anti-backwards pressure-compensated drippers.

  • Long flow channel drippers are designed with extended flow channels that provide a longer path for water flow, allowing for greater energy dissipation and ensuring a consistent flow rate.

  • Orifice drip irrigation drippers utilize small orifices or holes to control the water flow. The size of the orifice determines the flow rate, and variations in water pressure can affect the flow rate from these emitters.

  • Maze drippers feature intricate labyrinth-like pathways that create turbulence and dissipate energy within the emitter. This design helps to maintain a uniform flow rate despite variations in water pressure.

  • Pressure-compensated drippers are specifically engineered to maintain a consistent flow rate regardless of changes in water pressure. They incorporate mechanisms that compensate for fluctuations in pressure, ensuring even water distribution.

  • Automatic backwash drippers are equipped with self-cleaning mechanisms that prevent clogging. These emitters periodically flush out debris or sediment, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing maintenance requirements.

  • Anti-backwards pressure-compensated drippers are designed to prevent water from flowing backward into the supply lines. They combine pressure compensation with backflow prevention, ensuring efficient irrigation while preventing contamination of the water source.

These different types of adjustable drip irrigation emitters provide options to meet specific irrigation needs. The choice of drip irrigation dripper depends on factors such as the desired flow rate, system pressure, water quality, and the level of maintenance required.

By understanding the characteristics and functionality of each type of irrigation emitters, it becomes possible to select the most appropriate emitter for a given irrigation system, promoting efficient water usage, uniform plant growth, and effective maintenance of the system.

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Application of Drip Irrigation Drippers

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