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Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System

Drip water irrigation system includes water drip tape and various irrigation drippers. Its function is to pump water, fertilize, filter, and transport a certain amount of water into the main pipe under the pressure. 

Dripper watering system is to make the water flow through tiny holes, form energy loss, reduce its pressure, and make it drip into the soil in a drip way. The dripper system is usually placed on the surface of the soil and can also be buried for protection.

Drip tape: Matching different drippers and having different styles. The drip tape irrigation system is to deliver pressurized water to the dripper evenly.

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Advantages of Drip Irrigation System

1. Save water: During the growing period of crops, the drip feed irrigation system saves 40-50% less water than conventional ground irrigation.

2. Save fertilizer: Water-soluble special fertilizer is applied to the roots of crops with water, which is easily absorbed by crops and improves the utilization rate. The average fertilizer can be saved by 20% and some more than 40%. It also reduces the negative effects of chemical fertilizers on the soil and the environment.

3. Save pesticides:  With the same principle as above, the drip water irrigation system can save more than 10% of pesticide dosage, and has good insecticidal effect, which is not easy to damage the natural enemies of pests.

4. Save land: Due to the elimination of channels in the field, the drip tape irrigation system can save 5-7% of cultivated land.

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Seapeak's drip irrigation technology provides efficient, flexible and cost-effective solutions for crops under various conditions to meet the needs of different customers. Our broad product range includes pressure-compensated drippers, traditional drippers, thin-walled drippers, button drippers PE layflat hose and PVC layflat.

Application of Drip Irrigation System

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