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Irrigation Sprinkler

Irrigation Sprinkler

Commonly used irrigation sprlnklers are mainly divided into three categories: large sprinkler, medium sprinkler and micro sprinkler. Common large sprinklers are mainly Z-Y2 irrigation sprinklers, four nozzle sprinklers, three nozzle sprinklers. Medium-sized sprinklers mainly include Z10 medium-sized sprinklers and butterfly  medium-sized sprinkles. The most commonly used micro-sprinklers in greenhouses and fields are cross-sprayed micro-sprinklers, refracted-atomized micro-sprinklers, square light fog micro-sprinklers, square large-wheel micro-sprinklers, double-sided wheel micro-sprinklers etc.

There are many micro water sprinklers on the market, but not all of them are created equally. Experience the quality and multi-season reliability of the S5000 & S6000 range of plastic impact sprinklers with 1/2" (standard) and 3/4" (high-flow) inlet options. Perfect for vegetables. Partial circle S5000 also available.

Types of Water Irrigation Sprinklers for Sale

Different micro sprinklers for irrigation have corresponding models, normal working pressure, spray range and water output. When in use, users can choose according to their own needs (for example, when humidification and cooling are needed in a greenhouse, cross-atomizing micro-spray heads or coate micro-spray heads with better atomization effect can be used). There are two types of micro-spray sets: the suspended micro-spray assembly and the ground-inserted micro-spray assembly.

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