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Plant Irrigation System

Plant Irrigation System

Micro-sprinkler irrigation systems and drip irrigation tape systems can be both used for Plant. The first type is the micro-sprinkler irrigation system. Now many large contractors also choose the micro-sprinkler irrigation method for watering. To install this method, one needs to install the main water supply pipe first, connect the water supply equipment, and then install a water control valve on each branch pipe, and the water control valve is divided into thin tubes. 

There are many small holes in the thin tubes to discharge water. The water pressure of the water supply belt forms a small spray shape to achieve the effect of the micro spray. We can distribute the water supply reasonably by controlling the specifications of the regulating valve and the micro-spray belt to achieve a reasonable irrigation effect. This plant dripper system can be laid on a large area, and the micro-spray system is more suitable for area planting. It is suitable for growing corn and wheat on a large area, or growing radishes and other green plants.

Under-film Micro-spray Belt System

The under-film micro-spray belt system is mainly an irrigation method that integrates under-film planting and micro-spray technology. The cost of this system is smaller than that of drip irrigation and larger than furrow irrigation. It uses less water than furrow irrigation and more water than drip irrigation. When making a micro-spraying irrigation system under the film, pay attention to making the two ends high and the middle-low. According to the input cost, it is better to use a drip line of plant, like tree drip line, for high efficiency.

Osmotic Irrigation System

The cost of the osmotic irrigation system is relatively high. The general family will choose this irrigation method. The osmotic irrigation system consists of three parts, namely, low-pressure automatic output equipment, PE pipes, and underground infiltration pipes. Infiltration irrigation is a new type of irrigation method at present, which solves the problems of uneven water output and excessive water output that are difficult to control.

Quantitative Irrigation Water Bag

A quantitative irrigation water bag, this watering system composed of a water pipe and irrigation bag can solve the problem of different water demands. When watering, determine the position and spacing of the water outlet of the irrigation bag according to the difference of soil moisture to achieve the purpose of irrigation. The water filling bag is sealed at one end. When opening the water outlet, you generally choose to punch a hole at an angle of 30 degrees or 45 degrees above it. The quantitative irrigation bag can adjust the water level to open holes for different types of plants and different growth cycles, which is more convenient and very practical.

The drip irrigation tape has a spiral flow channel with uniform water outlets on it. The spiral flow channel has the ability to evenly discharge water and is not easy to be blocked. Generally, anti-aging, low-cost cross-linked plastics are used. The size of the water outlet should be moderate, one is to facilitate the water outlet, and the other is that the sediment in the water can pass through without being blocked. There are also methods of water drip irrigation under mulch, but the cost of drip irrigation under mulch is relatively high, and the technical requirements are also high. Drip irrigation under mulch is mainly used in plant production projects like vegetable planting which has relatively high economic benefits.

Automatic Water Dripper System for Plants