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Micro Spray Sprinkler Irrigation System

Micro Spray Sprinkler Irrigation System

Micro spray sprinkler irrigation system is a form of irrigation that uses refraction sprinkler, rotation sprinkler and impact micro-sprinklers to spray water into crop branches and leaves. Micro spray water irrigation has a low working pressure and a small flow rate, which can increase soil moisture and increase air humidity, meanwhile can regulate the local microclimate. Micro sprinkler watering system has a wide range of applications. In addition, the super atomization function of some micro-sprinklers can also be used for seedlings, cooling the breeding farm and other places.

Types of Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System for Sale

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation System Compisition

Micro spray sprinkler system is usually composed of four parts: the water source project, the first hub, the water distribution and distribution network, and the irrigator.

  • Water source project : rivers, channels, lakes, reservoirs, wells, springs, etc. can be used as micro-irrigation water sources

  • The first hub: including water pumps, power machines, filtration equipment, fertilization (drug) devices, controllers, control valves, intake and exhaust valves, measuring instruments, etc. Its function is to draw water from the water source and pressurize it, and process the irrigation water into a flow that meets the requirements of micro-irrigation and send it to the water distribution network.

  • Water distribution and distribution network: including main pipes, branch pipes, capillaries and safety, control and adjustment devices, the function is to safely and reasonably transport and distribute the water processed in the first hub to the irrigation device.

  • Irrigator: It is a part of direct irrigation, including dripper, drip irrigation tube (band), micro water sprinklers for irrigation, spring head and small tube outflow device. Its function is to reduce the water pressure in the pipe and change the water flow into water droplets and fine flow or spray into the soil.

Application of Micro Irrigation System

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