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Irrigation System Manufacturer from China

Seapeak focuses on the production of various accessories for irrigation systems, and we can also provide you with the irrigation system solutions you need. The two main types of irrigation systems we provide are drip irrigation system & micro spray sprinkler irrigation system. Good quality and competitive price, please choose us!

Fittings in Irrigation System
Irrigation Pipes
We produce pvc layflat hose, PE layflat hose, pvc hose and irrigation PE pipe.
Irrigation Pipe Fitting
Drip pipe fittings are used to attach drip tape, drip line, PVC layflat hose and PE pipe. We produce an widely selection of drip irrigation fittings.
Irrigation Fertilizer
The water and fertilizer integrated machine is a substance that combines modern science and technology with the development of the agricultural industry.
Irrigation Filter
Our irrigation filters keep your drip irrigation system in good condition any time.
Irrigation Valve
Our solenoid irrigation valve are widely use in irrigation system in size 1.5", 2", 3”and 4".
As a leading sprinkler/drip irrigation system manufacturer and supplier in China, Suzhou Seapeak Co., Ltd. offers complete ranges of drip irrigation and micro sprinkler irrigation products and best solution for your field. Has been dedicating in irrigation more than 20 years and would like to share our professional irrigation experience with our customers.
Application of Irrigation System
The intelligent irrigation control system in irrigation projects can ensure the normal growth of artificial vegetation and crops. At the same time, the intelligent irrigation control system can save water resources and efficiently use water resources.
  • Agricultural Irrigation System
    In China, agricultural water use was once dominated by the "overflow irrigation" method, which resulted in a low utilization rate of water sources and a lot of waste.
  • Backyard Irrigation System
    Yard irrigation system means yard watering irrigation system. It uses the backyard sprinkler irrigation system equipment according to the water requirements of the yard.
  • Plant Irrigation System
    The first type:The first type is the micro-sprinkler irrigation system. Now many large contractors also choose the micro-sprinkler irrigation method for watering.
  • Lawn Sprinkler System
    The lawn sprinkler irrigation system improves the previous micro-irrigation system.