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Drip Irrigation Adapter Or Connector

Drip Irrigation Adapter Or Connector

We produce these drip irrigation connectors: single adapter for soft pipe, double straight adapters for soft pipe, double adapters for three branches, four adapters for five branch pipes and four adapters for six branch pipes.

Drip Irrigation Pipe/Tape/Line Adapter or Connectors for Sale

Drip Irrigation Pipe/Tape/Line Adapter or Connectors Features

  • Product Name: drip irrrigation adapter/connector

  • Material: PP or POM

  • Color: black, blue

  • Tube: 4/7 pvc hose

  • Origin of Country: China

  • Packing: 100pcs each bag / 10bags each carton

  • Production: 20,000pcs each day

  • Feature: Made of excellent engineering plastics, durable, corrosion-resistant and anti-aging,

  • Application: used in drip irrigation system

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