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Drip Tape Or Drip Line

Drip Tape Or Drip Line

The common kinds of drip irrigation tape/ line are: drip tape with flat dripper, drip line with cylindrical dripper and drip tape with continuous labyrinth.

Drip irrigation tape can not only save water resources, save time and labor, but also achieve the purpose of high yield and income. It is a good thing to do more with one stone. The core part of drip water irrigation system is drip irrigation line pipe equipment, and its laying and installation quality directly determines the operation of drip irrigation system. Therefore, the water drip line must be laid according to the construction requirements and steps to ensure the installation quality of drip irrigation tape.

Types of Drip Irrigation Tape/Lines/Pipes for Sale

Crop growth needs enough water. Drip irrigation, as a commonly used irrigation method in arid areas, is to use drip irrigation tapes to send water to crop roots for local irrigation through holes or drippers on a 10 mm diameter capillary, which effectively improves the utilization rate of water. Through the combination of fertilization, the fertilizer efficiency can be improved.

Drip irrigation cycle is short, small water frequent irrigation at the same time, effectively reduce the working pressure, realize automatic management. As a micro irrigation method, drip irrigation can slowly and evenly let water seep into the soil, which can play a role in maintaining soil structure. Drip irrigation and drip irrigation tape have a huge impact on crops and form a suitable soil water, fertilizer and thermal environment.

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