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Arrow Dripper

Arrow Dripper

Arrow dripper is a kind of dripper commonly used in drip irrigation, which is also called stake dripper. There are usually two kinds of arrow drippers, including curved arrows and straight arrows. The length of the arrow part is about 10cm which is used to insert into the soil. There is a filter screen at the starting point. The handle is inserted into a hose with about 3 mm ID. Arrow drippers are used in agriculture, gardens, greenhouse nurseries, industry, and other many fields. They can be used as a dripper with good low pressure performance. And the arrow dripper also can be used alone or specially connected with multi-outlet water distributor. Straight arrows, bent arrows, long arrows, and short arrows are available.

Arrow Dripper for Sale

Arrow Dripper Features

  • Material: plastic

  • Color: black, green, blue, etc.

  • Flow rate: 2L/H

  • Packing: carton

  • Feature: Labyrinth long flow channel arrow handle structure, diaphragm type pressure compensation dripper, double guarantee to ensure uniform water output; single arrow, double arrow, four arrows and other random combination, convenient construction.

  • Application: agricultural drip irrigation or potted plants, potted plants, seedlings and other crops, it is a suitable drip irrigation device.

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