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Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth

Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth

Drip tape with continuous labyrinth: The labyrinth flow channel and drip hole are integrally hot-pressed in one vacuum, with good adhesion and high manufacturing accuracy. Multi-port turbulent water outlet, strong anti-clogging ability. The labyrinth flow channel design, the water is even, up to 85%, and the laying can reach 80m. Light weight, easy installation and management, and low manual installation cost.

Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth
  • Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth
  • Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth
  • Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth
  • Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth
  • Drip Tape with Continuous Labyrinth

Features of Drip Tape With Continuous Labyrinth

1. High degree of automation, can climb and walk, and the used shot materials can be recycled.

2. No pollution, this kind of movable type shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector, and the dust can be recovered for purification treatment.

3. Low energy consumption, will greatly reduce the loss cost for enterprises every year.

Applications of  Drip Tape With Continuous Labyrinth

1. Environmentally friendly products specially developed for various road construction and maintenance, can be dust-free, pollution-free, and the pellets can be automatically recycled during construction operations.

2. Drip tape with continuous labyrinth can be widely used for waterproofing and roughening of concrete bridge deck; cleaning and roughening of asphalt pavement to increase surface roughness; restoration of anti-skid performance of pavement, tunnel and bridge; clearing of asphalt pavement; cleaning of marking line; anti-corrosion coating treatment; airport road glue and line removal.

Specification of Drip Tape With Continuous Labyrinth

Working width550mm
Blasting efficiency (concrete)300m2
Rated power23KW (380V/450V;50/60 HZ;63A)
Dimension1940*720*1100mm (L*W*H)
Steel shot consumption100g/m2
Walking speed0.5-25m/min
Walking modeSpeed regulationAutomatic walking
Diameter of the impeller wheel200mm

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