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Irrigation PVC Pipe

Irrigation PVC Pipe

Irrigation PVC hose is a high molecular polymer added with chemical cross-linking during the polymerization of polyvinyl chloride. The mixture with ordinary polyvinyl chloride resin contains higher coagulation components.  

Our PVC hose has unique advantages: good soft edge and high resilience; compression permanent deformation is small;  high temperature resistance, not broken by sun exposure; cold resistance, not hard in winter; anti- UV, aging resistance, good resistance to bending fatigue and wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance; high pressure resistance. Stretching and soft in all seasons. The PE pipe to drip irrigation is durable.

Irrigation PVC Pipe
  • Irrigation PVC Pipe

Safe and environmentally friendly, odorless and non-toxic, in line with EU ROHS environmental protection standards, our irrigation pvc hose has undergone antibacterial treatment, the accumulated water in the tube will not produce bacteria if it is not used continuously.

The product is suitable for industry, agricultural gardens, machinery, construction engineering, fisheries, aquaculture, aquarium equipment, etc., and is more suitable for use under harsh conditions.

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