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Hydraulic Control Valve

Hydraulic Control Valve

As an irrigation valve, the drip irrigation control valve is actually similar to the pressure reducing valve. The sprinkler control valve mainly protects against the phenomenon of water hammer in the pipeline. It is generally installed at the beginning of the pipeline to control the water pressure of the pipeline to prevent the problem of water hammer. Commonly used drip irrigation system control valve structures are spring type, lever type and open type. How to choose depends on the pipeline water pressure range and size.

Manual Control Valve

Installed with main valve and 3-way control valve to be open/close controlling valve, easy to operate.

  • Size: 2" (Dn50), 3 (Dn80), 4" (Dn100).

  • Connection: Threaded / Flange.

Control Valve With Plus Solenoid Valve

Control Valve with Plus Solenoid Valve

  • Installed with main valve and solenoid to be open/ close controlling valve, distance operation by electrical signal.

  • Size: 2”(Dn50), 3”(Dn80), 4" (Dn100)

  • Electric Voltage: 24VAC(DC)/ 12VDC Latching

  • Valve Type: NC (Normally Closed) / NO (Normally Open), with 3 position 2 way

  • Connection: Threaded / Flange.

Pressure Sustaining Valve

Pressure Sustaining Valve:

Installed with main valve, pilot and 3-way control valve to be pressure sustaining system. Remaining the ablove filter system to have enough pressure to flush when the filter system is in self-cleaning.

  • Size: 2”(Dn50), 3”(Dn80), 4”(Dn100).

  • Pressure Adjusting Range: 0.8-6.5bar (11-95psi).

  • Connection: Threaded / Flange.

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve:

Install with main valve, pressure relief pilot and 3-way control valve to be pressure relief system. Fixed after pump set or pressure reducing valve, and open immediately release the pressure when pressure in system is too high.

  • Size: 2”(Dn50), 3" (Dn80), 4" (Dn100),

  • Pressure Adjusting Range: 1.0-10bar (15-155ps).

  • Connection:Threaded / Flange

Level Control Valve

Level Control Valve:

Installed with main valve, float and 3-way control valve to be level controlling system. This valve can adjust the level of water pool in same location automatically although the flowing is changed constantly.

  • Size: 2” (Dn50), 3”(Dn80),4”(Dn100).

  • Connection: Threaded / Flange

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