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Irrigation Pressure Reducing Valve

Irrigation Pressure Reducing Valve

The drip irrigation pressure reducing valve is a hydraulic control pressure reducing valve. Its main function is to monitor the maximum value of the water pressure in the pipeline. Once the pipeline water pressure exceeds or approaches the maximum value that the design bears, the pressure reducing valve will automatically weaken the pipeline water pressure until the pressure reducing valve or normal value for piping design. Sprinkler system pressure relief valves are mostly installed in places where the terrain is steep and the water pressure of the pipeline changes direction, etc., which can easily rise sharply. The common structure of pressure reducing valve for irrigation system is membrane type and spring type.

Pressure Reducing Valve (with Plus Solenoid Valve)
2" BSP/NPT,24VAC(DC)1 Pc/Box
3" BSP/NPT,24VAC(DC)1 Pc/Box
3" Flange,24VAC(DC)1 Pc/Box
4" Flange,24VAC(DC)1 Pc/Box
2" BSP/NPT,12VDC Latching1 Pc/Box
3" BSP/NPT,12VDC Latching1 Pc/Box
3" Flange,12VDC Latching1 Pc/Box
4" Flange,12VDC Latching1 Pc/Box

Pressure Reducing Valve (with Manual Three-way Valve)
2" BSP/NPT1 Pc/Box
3" BSP/NPT1 Pc/Box
3" Flange1 Pc/Box
4" Flange1 Pc/Box

Accessories For Hydraulic Valve
Pressure Rsducing/Sustaining Pliot
1 Pc/Box
Pllus Solenoid Valve,with Stand
1 Pc/Box
Pllus Solenoid Valve,with Stand
12VDC Latching
1 Pc/Box

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