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Water Fertilizer Integrated Machine

Water Fertilizer Integrated Machine

Seapeak is specialized in manufacturing water fertilizer integrated machine. 

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Basic Parameters of Water Fertilizer Integrated Machine

  • Three-wire power supply Voltage380V±10%

  • Double-leaf four-blade mixing motor,Stainless 304 steel, power0.75KW

  • 0.75KW Stainless steel fertilizer pump, Rated dust55M, flow0.5-2

  • Overall size barrel diameter 1M,height1.2M 5. Seven inch color touch screen

  • Seven inch color touch screen

Basic Skills of Water Fertilizer Integrated Machine:

  • Three suction channel, 1.5KW stainless steel fertilizer pump

  • Fertilizer pressure 8.5 kg, zone control (expandable 256 channels)

  • Real-time monitoring of total fertilizer input and instantaneous fertilizer application

  • Automatic mixing and mixing function, adjustable instantaneous fertilizer amount (manual adjustment)

  • Real-time monitoring and alarm functions for various types of faults

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