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Application of Drip Irrigation Technology and Analysis of Drip Irrigation System

Application of Drip Irrigation Technology and Analysis of Drip Irrigation System

Ⅰ. The application of drip irrigation technology

Most of the current applications are fixed drip irrigation systems. In actual use, this system is divided into two types due to different topographical conditions: one is to use water pump pressure to directly supply drip irrigation; the other is to build a reservoir, combined with storage, self-pressure drip irrigation.

Whether it is self-pressure drip irrigation in a reservoir or pressure drip trickle irrigation with a pump, it is necessary to ensure that the drip trickle irrigation water is filtered cleanly so that the dripper heads can work normally.

Ⅱ. The use of dripper heads

1. The water must be reliably filtered before entering the dripper, and the water pressure must be stable. The dripping volume of each dripper heads on the same capillary should be consistent.

2. The dripper is very easy to be blocked during use. Generally, several methods such as pressure flushing, acid flushing, and disassembly cleaning can be used for cleaning and maintenance.

Ⅲ. Main equipment of drip irrigation system

The drip irrigation system generally includes a water source and drip irrigation equipment, and the drip irrigation equipment is mainly composed of the first pivot dripper and the pipeline system. It must be properly used and maintained in order to maximize the function of the drip irrigation system.

1. Dripper heads

The dripper head is the executive component of the drip irrigation system. It is generally made of plastic. Its quality will directly affect the irrigation effect of the drip irrigation system. The quality must be guaranteed and installed correctly.

There are three main ways to install the dripper on the capillary tube: inter-tube type, side-plug type and end-connection type. The local head losses of these three installation methods are different, and they also have different effects on the use effect.

2. Pipes and fittings

The water delivery pipeline of the drip irrigation system generally includes the main pipe, the branch pipe and the capillary pipe, with a total of three pipelines. Mostly made of high pressure polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride.

3. Filter

The filter is one of the key equipment in the drip irrigation system, which is used to remove impurities and dirt in the water, preventing the clogging of the dripper and affecting the quality of irrigation. The most commonly used filters are sand and gravel filters, screen filters and centrifugal filters. The three filters can be used alone or in combination.

4. Fertilizer injection system

The drip irrigation system can apply chemical fertilizers at the same time of irrigation. At present, there are three types of fertilizer injection systems: differential pressure type, pump injection type and injection type.

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