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Characteristics of Irrigation Venturi Fertilizer Injectors

Characteristics of Irrigation Venturi Fertilizer Injectors

Ⅰ. What are irrigation venturi fertilizer injectors?

Irrigation Venturi fertilizer injectors are also called Venturi fertilizer suction devices. When in use, the control valve is closed down, resulting in a certain pressure difference before and after the control valve, so that the water flows through the branch pipe where the Venturi fertilizer injector is installed. The vacuum suction draws the fertilizer solution from the open fertilizer bucket evenly into the pipeline system for fertilization.

The irrigation Venturi fertilizer injectors have the characteristics of low cost, convenient use, stable fertilization concentration, and no need for additional power, suitable for occasions where the irrigation area is not large. The working pressure of the micro-irrigation system is low, so the irrigation Venturi fertiliser injectors can be used.

The Venturi fertilizer injector is all assembled by plastic pipe fittings, ball valves, and fertilizer suction devices. The fertilization adopts the differential pressure Venturi principle. (The water flows through a large and small pipe, and then a small and large pipe. The water flow path of the venturi pipe is narrow. When the flow rate increases, the pressure drops. When the pipe throat diameter is small to a certain extent, the water flow in the pipe will form a negative pressure. The small opening on the side wall of the throat can suck the fertilizer solution from an open fertilizer tube through a small diameter tube, which is easy to operate, even fertilization and can make fertilizer directly act on the roots of crops, improve fertilizer efficiency, reduce waste, save time, labor, and quantify.

Ⅱ. Features of irrigation venturi fertilizer injectors

1. Small size, light weight, convenient connection, simple operation, trouble-free, and small equipment head loss.

2. The ability to control spraying fertilizer is strong, the time range for adjusting fertilization is wide, the fertilization concentration changes little, and the equipment container does not leave any remaining fertilizer at the end of fertilization.

3. It is equipped with a check valve to prevent the fertilizer liquid from flowing into the water source and polluting the water quality. The check valve can eliminate the influence of the negative pressure of the water head on the pump when it is stopped. When the pump is stopped and restarted after the first start, there is no need to add water or manual water diversion.

4. The price is low, no additional manpower and power are needed, and it can be operated by one person.

5. Irrigation Venturi fertilizer injectors have almost no negative impact on the original sprinkler irrigation system. They can ensure the uniformity of fertilization and appropriate fertilization time, which is suitable for agronomic requirements.

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