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Classification and Applications of the Dripper Head

Classification and Applications of the Dripper Head

In the drip tape irrigation system, the device that turns the pressure water flow in the capillary into drip or fine flow shape through channels or orifices is called a dripper head. dripper heads are mostly made of plastic and commonly used flow rates range from 1 to 4 liters/hour, generally not exceeding 12 liters/hour. The quality of the dripper head directly affects the reliability of the drip tape irrigation system and the quality of irrigation water. Therefore, dripper heads are often referred to as the "heart" of the drip tape irrigation system.

There are many ways to classify dripper heads, and they are usually classified into the following three categories:

Classification by the connection method between the dripper head and the capillary

Divided into pipe-mounted dripper heads, pipe-to-pipe dripper heads, and embedded dripper heads;

Classification by the flow pattern of the dripper head

Divided into laminar flow dripper heads and turbulent flow dripper heads;

Classification by the energy dissipation method of the dripper head

generally divided into long channel dripper heads, orifice dripper heads, labyrinth dripper heads, pressure-compensating dripper heads, automatic backwashing dripper heads, and anti-siphon pressure-compensating dripper heads.

There are many types of dripper heads both at home and abroad, and they have different classification methods. In terms of pressure, they can be simply divided into pressure-compensating dripper heads and non-pressure-compensating dripper heads.

The pressure-compensating dripper head uses the pressure water flow to cause pressure changes in the elastic sheet inside the dripper head. By changing the elastic sheet, the cross-sectional area of the water passage is changed to adjust the flow rate of the dripper head. In other words, the water flow is regulated by the change in the elastic sheet, which makes the water output more stable. Moreover, it can automatically adjust the water output and self-cleaning, and the uniformity of water output is high. However, the manufacturing process is more complicated, and the price is higher. The performance of the elastic material is directly related to the pressure compensation characteristics of the dripper head. Only when the performance stability of the elastic material is equivalent to that of the dripper head material, can the entire dripper head work stably for a long time.

The pressure-compensating dripper head can maintain the flow rate of the dripper head basically unchanged within a relatively large pressure range, thereby increasing its adaptability to complex terrain.

In addition, when using pressure-compensating dripper heads, the number of dripper heads arranged on the same branch pipe can be greatly increased, and the corresponding number of branch pipes can be reduced, thereby reducing the cost of the pipeline network. Moreover, it is not sensitive to temperature changes, which is beneficial to ensuring and stabilizing irrigation uniformity.

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