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Classification and Selection Method of Dripper Heads in Agricultural Irrigation

Classification and Selection Method of Dripper Heads in Agricultural Irrigation

Integrated drip irrigation and fertilization project mainly relies on a constant low-flow drip or seepage, which diffuses to the surrounding soil and meets the needs of crops for water and fertilization. The dripper heads are the most important device in the drip irrigation system. The performance and quality of the dripper directly affect the reliability of the drip irrigation fertilization system and the quality of dripping and fertilizing.

According to the connection method between the dripper heads and the capillary, it can be mainly divided into on-pipe dripper heads, between-pipe dripper heads, and embedded dripper heads.

On-pipe dripper heads 

The on-pipe dripper heads refer to the dripper that can be installed on-site on the capillary. The structure of the on-pipe dripper heads (vertical installation) is basically the same as that of the between-pipe dripper heads, except that the other end is sealed and the threaded core can be unscrewed and screwed in for flushing or flow adjustment. The longer the thread is, the flow rate is 7.5 L/h; the shorter the thread is, the flow rate can reach 9.5 L/h.

The on-pipe dripper heads are flexible to use, and the dripper heads' installation spacing can be adjusted on-site according to the irrigation requirements of crops, which better meet the water requirements of crops. The disadvantage is that the installation is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient. On-pipe dripper heads are usually used for the irrigation of fruit trees, potted plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

Between-pipe dripper heads (horizontal installation)

The Chinese-made between-pipe dripper heads have a flow channel width of 0.75~0.90mm and a length of 50~60 cm. At a pressure of one atmosphere, the rated outflow is 2-3 L/h. It is suitable for conveying irrigation water, fertilizer water, and pesticide water that does not exceed 45 degrees; irrigation of fruit trees, gardens, vegetables, cash crops, and greenhouse plants; it can also be used for field crop irrigation in dry and water-deficient areas.

Embedded dripper heads (spiral dripper heads)

Embedded dripper heads refer to the dripper that can be directly embedded into the polyethylene capillary on the production line. This type of dripper head is made of a polypropylene small tube with a diameter of 1mm, which is wound into a spiral shape and is also called a capillary drip. Its working pressure is 0.7 kg/cm2, and the flow rate is 0.9~9 L/h. By changing the number of spiral turns, the flow rate can be adjusted.

The embedded dripper heads are already installed at a certain distance on the production line when it leaves the factory. It only needs a special joint (diverter) to connect the embedded drip irrigation pipe to the water delivery branch pipe during field installation. It greatly saves installation costs and labor intensity and improves installation efficiency. It is commonly used in the irrigation of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, windbreak belts, etc.

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