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Composition and Precautions of Drip Tape Irrigation System

Composition and Precautions of Drip Tape Irrigation System

Drip trickle irrigation is an irrigation system that supplies filtered water, fertilizers or other chemicals directly to the soil through drippers on the main, branch and capillary tubes, often and slowly, under low pressure to the soil. It has no sprays or ditches, just letting the water drip out slowly and into the soil by gravity and capillaries. The water drips near the roots of the crops, so that the soil in the main root zone of the crops always maintains the optimal water condition. This is an advanced irrigation method.

Ⅰ. The composition of drip tape irrigation system

The drip tape irrigation system is mainly composed of three parts: the first hub, the pipeline and the dripper.

1. The first hub of the drip tape irrigation system

Includes water pump (and power machine), fertiliser tank, filter, control and measuring instruments. The function is to pump water, fertilize, filter, and send a certain amount of water into the main pipe with a certain pressure.

2. Pipeline of drip tape irrigation system

Including main pipes, branch pipes, capillary pipes and necessary adjustment equipment (such as pressure gauges, gate valves, flow regulators, etc.). The effect is to deliver pressurized water evenly to the dripper.

3. Dripper for drip tape irrigation system

The function is to make the water flow through the tiny pores, form energy loss, reduce its pressure, and make it enter the soil in the form of water droplets. Drippers are usually placed on the soil surface and can also be buried shallowly for protection.

Note: The dripper is the core of the drip tape irrigation system, so there are many types. According to the connection method of the dripper and the capillary, it can be divided into three types: inter-pipe dripper, on-pipe dripper, and pipe-connected dripper.

Ⅱ. The use of drip tape irrigation system precautions

1. The pipes and drippers of drip irrigation are easy to be blocked, and the water quality requirements are relatively high, so filters must be installed;

2. Drip trickle irrigation can not adjust the microclimate of the field, it is not suitable for irrigation during the freezing period, and the drip tape irrigation system cannot be used to apply manure;

3. The investment in drip irrigation is high, and the economic benefits of the input and output of the nursery should be considered;

4. The drip tape irrigation system is easy to combine with the photovoltaic water-lifting system to complete a water-saving irrigation system, which can save water and electricity. The photovoltaic water pumping system can supply power in remote areas without mains electricity, and prepare for the early stage of entering the drip tape irrigation system.

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