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Measures to Prevent the Dripper from Clogging

Measures to Prevent the Dripper from Clogging

Ⅰ. Introduction of dripper

The dripper is the energy dissipation and water output facility of the drip irrigation system. Its function is to eliminate the remaining energy of the pressure water flow in the capillary, so that the water flow will be injected into the soil evenly and slowly from the outlet drop by drop.

Ⅱ. Measures to prevent the dripper from clogging

1. Proper configuration of filter equipment

If the content of impurity in drip irrigation water source is high, it should be prevented from the entrance of drip irrigation system.

① If the impurity in the water is mainly sediment, a combination of centrifugal filter and net filter can be selected for the fore filtration system.

② If the impurities in the water are mainly organic matter and algae, a combination of sand filter and mesh filter can be selected;

③ If there are both sand and algae in the water, a combination of centrifugal filtration, sand filter and mesh filter is required.

2. Chemical treatment methods

Regarding the chemical blockage and biological blockage in the drip irrigation system, chlorine and acid can be regularly added for disinfection and acidification. However, whether chlorination treatment or acid treatment, if not properly treated, will have adverse effects on crops, ecological environment and human beings, therefore, the treatment must be strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations

3. Anti-blocking measures of the dripper structure

① Pressure compensation dripper

The typical structures of pressure compensation dripper are orifice, flat and cylindrical. The special structure design of the pressure compensation dripper makes it self-washing and prevents the inhalation of sediment particles under negative pressure, which improves the anti-clogging performance of the dripper.

② Other anti-blocking structure dripper

New type of spiral dripper: prevent sediment and scale deposits.

Mobile plug-in irrigator: prevent blockage caused by inhalation of sediment particles due to negative pressure.

Peristaltic drip irrigation emitter: with self-cleaning function.

4. Reasonable design of dripper flow channel

The flow channel structure of the drip irrigation dripper has a significant impact on its anti-clogging performance. Therefore, we can start from the flow channel structure to improve the anti-clogging performance of the dripper. The usual method is to improve the existing flow channel type or design a new type of flow channel. The basic idea is to increase the width of the flow passage, reduce the length of the flow passage, increase the turbulence of the flow passage or increase the flow velocity, etc., so as to prevent the accumulation of impurities in the flow passage and the formation of blockage.

5. Anti-blocking measures in drip irrigation system operation management

A reasonable flushing and drip irrigation system can be used to remove the blockage that has already formed in the dripper.

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