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Adjustable Dripper

Adjustable Dripper

Plastic 360 degrees pressure compensate adjustable irrigation drippers for garden lawn farmland agriculture
Perfect for potted-flower, plants, lawn, agriculture, villas, industrial irrigation.
Easy installation, water-saving performance!
Water is generally used low-pressure 360 degrees adjustable dripper!
Durable and long lifespan, widely accepted by users.


8 Hole Flow Adjustable Dripper Garden Emitter 1/4" Inch Barb Connector Greenhouse Potted Drip Irrigation

Adjustable Dripper
  • Adjustable Dripper
  • Adjustable Dripper

Characters of Adjustable Irrigation Dripper

Adjustable drip emitters with strong pressure compensating ability and big flow rate, from 0L/h--90L/h for dozens specifications to meet customers' demand.
All main pipe underground, only micro diameter pipe on the earth's surface near the roots of trees. Adjustable drip irrigation emitters can be used for long time and is economical with time and effort.
Suitable for a variety of field and crops, especially in the areas with slopes.
Suitable for the requirements of long drip irrigation pipe.
Suitable for the different dripper spacing irrigation.
Suitable for unstable water pressure irrigation.

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