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Straight Arrow Dripper

Straight Arrow Dripper

Seapeak is specialized in manufacturing straight arrow dripper.

Straight Arrow Dripper
  • Straight Arrow Dripper

Connection of Straight Arrow Dripper:

1. Arrow Dripper is connected with Dn 5/3mm soft PVC pipe and adapter, also can be connected with multi-outlet assemblies to get several outlet in same time.
2. Fit for watering the plants in pots.

Features of Straight Arrow Dripper:

It is the suitable irrigation product for pot flowers, nursery stock, vertical planting. 
Floriculture: roses, tomatos, vegetables, pepper, fresh cut flowers etc.

Clarifications of Straight Arrow Dripper:

Single arrow dripper, two branch arrow dripper, four branch arrow dripper, ect.

Applications of Straight Arrow Dripper:

Designed with labyrinth flow passage and filter window, straight arrow dripper can block the sundries effectively so as to give even water flow. With straight and bending types of arrows, arrow drippers can be combined with one arrow, two arrows one drip, four arrows one drip, and etc. Moreover, our arrow dripper is very suitable of  irrigation on potted plants, such as flower, bell pepper and tomato, etc.

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