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The Working Principle of Drip Tape System

The Working Principle of Drip Tape System

Ⅰ. How does the drip tape system work?

Drip irrigation is a water-saving irrigation method. It uses a drip tape low-pressure pipeline system to transport water directly to the field, and then passes through the dripper, orifice or drip tape installed on the capillary to drip the water evenly and drop by drop into the soil near the root zone of the crop, so that the soil in the developed root zone of the crop can always maintain suitable humidity, the water, fertilizer, air, heat, and microbial activities of the soil are always in good condition, which is beneficial for high and stable crop production. 

In-line drip tape produced by drip tape manufacturer is a drip irrigation tape in which a pre-manufactured dripper is embedded in the capillary in the capillary manufacturing process, such as patch drip irrigation tape and embedded cylindrical drip irrigation tube.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of drip tape system

1. The built-in dripper comes with a filter window, which has good anti-blocking performance.

2. With turbulent flow channel design, irrigate evenly.

3. The dripper and pipeline have strong integrity.

4. The distance between the drippers can be adjusted flexibly, and the application range is wide.

5. Low price.

We are a leading manufacturer of irrigation hoses and pipe fittings in China. Established in 1994, we started production in Taizhou in 1995. From the beginning, we have produced PVC flat-bottom hoses and drip tapes for agricultural irrigation. And now, we have expanded to most of the irrigation part. At the same time, the company can provide customers with technical consultation and services for drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler irrigation solutions. If necessary, please consult. 

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