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6 Advantages of Drip Irrigation Pipes

6 Advantages of Drip Irrigation Pipes

Drip irrigation pipes are often used to irrigate cash crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers. The drip irrigation pipe is an important irrigator in the drip irrigation system. According to the water requirements of the crops, the water and the nutrients needed by the crops are dropped into the soil of the root zone of the crops evenly and slowly through the low-pressure pipe system and the irrigator.

Ⅰ. 6 advantages of drip irrigation pipes:

1. Same as other applications of drip irrigation. The first effect of drip line pipe is to save water. Compared with conventional irrigation, it can save 30%-70% water. Corresponding pumping and transportation costs can also be reduced. Drip line pipe can be described as water saving and energy saving. 

2. Land temperature has a certain effect on the growth of fruit trees in the orchard. The higher the temperature, the earlier the growth and maturity of the fruit trees. It can also increase the economic benefits of fruit farmers.

3. Drip irrigation pipes also have the traditional advantages of drip irrigation. Drip irrigation pipes will not form surface runoff. This reduces the loss of soil nutrients. It reduces the probability and degree of soil compaction and protects the soil structure.

4. Due to the small moist area on the surface and small surface evaporation, the air humidity in the crown of the fruit tree will be relatively low, which is not conducive to the survival of pests. In this situation, drip irrigation pipes can reduce the occurrence of pests.

5. After the orchard fruit trees suffer from infectious diseases, drip irrigation can be used to effectively reduce the probability of disease transmission based on irrigation water.

6. The drip irrigation system generally has the function of water and fertilizer integrated irrigation. While the water utilization rate is improved, the utilization rate of fertilizers and pesticides applied has also been improved. After the fertilizer efficiency is improved, it can directly save fertilizer and reduce the amount of labor.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of drip irrigation pipes:

1. Pay attention to pressing and compacting the mulching film when laying the drip irrigation pipe. Keep the mulching film as close as possible. Do not create a space between the two.

2. Pipes and drippers are easy to block. The water quality requirements are high. So you need to install a filter.

3. The water pressure in the pipeline affects the operation of the entire fruit tree drip irrigation equipment. Therefore, the water delivery pressure must be calculated before use. The water pressure meter should be installed for monitoring and control.

4. Adjust the amount of irrigation water according to the condition of the fruit tree.

5. This equipment cannot adjust the field microclimate, not suitable for irrigation during freezing period.

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