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Classification and Characteristics of Dripper in Drip Water Irrigation System

Classification and Characteristics of Dripper in Drip Water Irrigation System

As there are more drip irrigation system drippers, their classification methods are also different.

Ⅰ. To classify according to the connection way of dripper and capillary tube in drip irrigation system 

1. Inter-tube drip head: The irrigator is installed in the middle of two sections of the capillary tube so that the dripper itself becomes part of the capillary tube. For example, the barbed connectors at both ends of the tube drip head are inserted into the two sections of the capillary tube so that most of the water flows through the inner chamber of the drip head to the next section of the capillary tube. In contrast, a small portion of the water enters the drip head flow channel through the side holes in the drip head of the drip irrigation filter system and then flows out of the drip head after dissipating energy in the flow channel.

2. Drip head on the tube: Dripper directly inserted in the wall of the capillary tube, such as side seeding drip head, orifice drip head. 

Ⅱ. To classify according to the different ways of dripper energy dissipation in drip irrigation system 

1. Long runner type energy dissipation waterer: Long runner type energy dissipation dripper mainly relies on the frictional energy consumption between water flow and runner wall to adjust the size of dripper water output, such as micro pipe, internal thread, and labyrinth type tube drip head, etc., all belong to long runner type energy dissipation dripper.

2. Orifice energy dissipating dripper: the local head loss caused by the orifice outflow to dissipate energy drip irrigation dripper. Orifice type drip head, and porous capillary tube are all orifice type dripper.

3. Vortex energy dissipation dripper: The water enters the edge of the drip chamber of the drip irrigation system and produces a low-pressure area in the center of the vortex so that the pressure at the center of the outlet is lower, and thus the outflow of the dripper is smaller. The flow rate of a well-designed vortex dripper is less sensitive to changes in operating pressure.

4. Pressure-compensated dripper: Pressure-compensated dripper is used to make the elastomeric parts or flow channel change shape by the pressure of water flow so that the water crossing section and area change, making the drip head outflow small and stable. The significant advantage of a pressure-compensated dripper is that it can automatically adjust the water output and self-cleaning, with high uniformity of water output, but it is more complicated to manufacture.

5. Drip irrigation pipe or drip irrigation belt type dripper: Drip irrigation system drip head and capillary control into a whole, both water distribution and drip function of the pipe (or belt) called drip irrigation pipe (or drip irrigation belt). According to the drip irrigation pipe (belt) structure, it can be divided into two kinds: inner-set drip irrigation pipe and thin-walled drip irrigation belt.

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