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Cost of Drip Trickle Irrigation Installation Project

Cost of Drip Trickle Irrigation Installation Project

As we all know, drip trickle irrigation is a method of irrigating plants by slowly and evenly dripping water into the soil near the plant roots, through a network of pipes and water outlets (drip tapes or drippers), which have been filtered and are under certain pressure. Compared with other irrigation techniques, drip trickle irrigation has many different characteristics, and its system components and installation methods are also different.

Why can the drip trickle irrigation special PE pipe be exposed on the ground?

Answer: Due to the physical and chemical properties of the polyethylene (PE) formulation itself, it is prone to photodegradation, thermal oxidation, and ozone decomposition, and can easily degrade under ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, ordinary PE pipes are not suitable for use in open areas. drip trickle irrigation special PE pipes have a lifespan of more than 10 years when used under exposed conditions due to the addition of anti-aging agents.

Why is it said that the thicker the drip trickle irrigation PE pipe, the better?

Answer: The secret of the long life of drip trickle irrigation special PE pipes lies in the addition of anti-aging agents. Therefore, simply increasing the thickness of the pipe does not extend its lifespan. The choice of PE raw materials, whether they are virgin materials, also affects the lifespan of the product. Since there is little difference in physical properties, it is difficult to judge the lifespan of drip trickle irrigation PE pipes with the naked eye.

Why does drip trickle irrigation engineering require a professional team to design and install?

Answer: The design of drip trickle irrigation system involves multiple professional knowledge, including hydraulic, soil, climate, crop cultivation, plant nutrition, and other aspects. Usually, users cannot master so much professional knowledge themselves. It is best to have professionals design and install it, to ensure correct use and the full utilization of its advantages. Professional design and installation teams have years of design experience and can comprehensively consider various factors. The designed system has a certain degree of scalability, and reasonable design can minimize the cost of system upgrade and maintenance in the future. At the same time, professional companies will provide technical services.

How is the price of the drip trickle irrigation fertigation system composed?

Answer: The cost of drip trickle irrigation fertilization system mainly includes design fees, equipment material fees, and installation fees. The specific price depends on factors such as terrain conditions, height differences, planting density, soil conditions, water source conditions, traffic conditions, fertilization equipment types, system automation level, material model specifications, system lifespan, and technical service level. Therefore, there is no unified price for drip trickle irrigation systems.

Taking fruit trees as an example, is it cost-effective to install drip trickle irrigation?

Answer: The cost of a high-standard drip trickle irrigation system construction is about 1000 yuan per mu, with a designed lifespan of 10 years, which means the cost is 100 yuan/mu per year. After installing drip trickle irrigation, it can save fertilizer expenses by around 30%. Calculated by saving 30-50 yuan/mu each year, it can increase yield and quality, resulting in increasing revenue. Calculated by increasing revenue by 10%, it can earn 120-800 yuan/mu each year. This does not even count the hidden value of labor-saving and guaranteeing high yield. Therefore, installing drip trickle irrigation for fruit trees is very cost-effective, and we cannot think it is uneconomical just because of the large one-time investment in drip trickle irrigation, without considering the comprehensive cost and benefits.

How much electricity does the drip trickle irrigation system consume per year?

Answer: Since the micro-irrigation system has lower requirements for pressure, it can save energy to a maximum extent. Taking a 100-acre citrus orchard drip trickle irrigation system as an example, the annual electricity consumption is about 1200 degrees, and the cost is 732 yuan calculated based on current electricity prices. The energy input per acre is only 7.32 yuan. drip trickle irrigation is the most energy-efficient way of irrigation and fertilization.

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