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Application of Drip Irrigation Technology in Agriculture

Application of Drip Irrigation Technology in Agriculture

1. The application of drip irrigation technology in the field

It is generally believed that it is difficult to use drip irrigation technology in food crops, and the benefits are not outstanding. The use of drip irrigation in fruit tree cultivation is not very effective.

According to the characteristics of root system, crops are divided into two types: tap root system and fibrous root system. Drip trickle irrigation is mainly used in superficial fibrous root crops and some superficial tap root crops. Specifically, it is fruits and vegetables, herbal fruits, tree seedlings, and horticultural crops.

The use of drip trickle irrigation in rice, wheat, and corn fields is a bar. Water-saving irrigation in these places is called sprinkler irrigation.

Drip irrigation can also be used for commercial crops grown in the field, including vegetables, fruits, and spices.

The drip tape is very soft and can be dragged away with one drag, and the recycling of PE material is also very easy. If the land needs to be cultivated, it takes less labor to withdraw the drip irrigation system.

2. Application of drip irrigation technology in facility agriculture

The use of drip irrigation in facility agriculture is a big one, including facility gardening. The advantages have been mentioned above, the main thing is to pay attention to pressure compensation and precise control in use.

The valves used in the drip irrigation system have various models and various purposes, which can basically realize the precise control of water and fertilizer in the entire facility, and the pressure compensation can achieve the same water output from each hole on a drip irrigation belt.

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3. Problems in the use of drip irrigation technology

The most prominent problem is the blockage of the outlet. When the flow rate of the solution changes suddenly, or when the evaporation is relatively rapid, solutes, which are fertilizer crystals, will be precipitated. These crystals and the sediment in the water can easily block the drip holes.

Now the embedded hole drip irrigation hose is better.

Another problem is the design problem. The design of an irrigation system should be considered from the beginning of sowing and raising seedlings, starting from the essential characteristics of plants, fully considering various problems until harvesting, so as to avoid troubles.

For example, the distance between the drip holes of the pre-buried drip irrigation hose is fixed, and when you plant crops, you should plant them near the pre-buried holes. If you buy a drip tape with a spacing of 20CM to do drip irrigation to tomatoes, it will inevitably cause the plant spacing to be too small, affecting ventilation and reducing yield.

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