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How to maintain irrigation system equipment?

How to maintain irrigation system equipment?

After agricultural irrigation system equipment is put into agricultural production, it can bring us great convenience. At the same time, agricultural irrigation equipment also needs to be maintained. The agricultural environment is complex and changeable, and many natural factors erode the irrigation equipment. So how to maintain various agricultural irrigation system?

1. Water source system: focus on eliminating hidden dangers

The purpose of the water source system inspection is to prevent accidental debris from entering the pipeline. During use, the water source part should be checked frequently. Self-built reservoirs should regularly clean the sediments deposited in the reservoirs. If you use rivers and lakes as the water source, check the debris at the water inlet of the pump to prevent affecting the pump power.

2. Pipeline systems such as branch pipes and trunk pipes: flush regularly

The piping system of agricultural irrigation will inevitably circulate large and small sediments, as well as some fertilizer and pesticide residues, and flushing is necessary. If the quality of the water source is poor and there are many small impurities, the capillary should be flushed frequently. During the flushing process, the pipes should be opened one after the other, not all at the same time, in order to maintain the pressure in the pipeline. After rinsing, remember to empty the water flow and block the pipe.

3. How to maintain the sprinkler and drip irrigation system in winter: give priority to demolition

The irrigation system equipment is mainly made of various plastic materials. In the cold winter, especially in the northern regions, without proper protective measures, the irrigation system may be at risk of being damaged by the cold winter. The protection measures of irrigation drip irrigation equipment in winter are mainly to be dismantled and recycled. All detachable parts should be removed as much as possible, cleaned and drained of residual water in the pipeline, and stored and preserved, and pay attention to prevent debris from entering. When disassembling valves, pipes, and connectors, pay attention to protecting the plastic parts to prevent damage during the dismantling process. Damaged parts can be replaced next year.

The parts that cannot be removed, before the arrival of winter, began to clean the entire irrigation drip irrigation system equipment. First, as before, flush the pipe network system. Take several agricultural irrigation drip irrigation units as a group, open the irrigation unit valves, open the end plugs of the branch pipes and main pipes to flush out the accumulated debris. After the flushing is completed, pay attention to draining the water in the pipeline to prevent freezing and cracking at low temperature.

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