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Microspray Hanged Support Set

Microspray Hanged Support Set

Micro sprinkler is also called micro sprayer of mini sprinkler, which is widely used in micro spray irrigation system .

Microspray Hanged Support Set
  • Microspray Hanged Support Set
  • Microspray Hanged Support Set

Applications of Microspray Hanged Support Set

  1. Inverted/hanging micro sprinkler (mostly used in greenhouse, flower nursery, soil cultivation, etc.)

  2. Place/stand micro sprinkler (mostly used for open-air lawn, flowers and other landscape,etc)

Advantages of Microspray Hanged Support Set:

1. Low operating pressure, good atomize index, low cost.
2. Spray evenly micro sprayer
3. Easy to install, removable nozzle for easy cleaning
4. Including double backward overhead kicking, capillary, equalizer balance, unvarying pressure anti-dripping valve and spray head body.


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