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Specifications and Characteristics of Embedded Cylinder Cylinder Dripper Heads and Drip Trickle Irrigation Pipe

Specifications and Characteristics of Embedded Cylinder Cylinder Dripper Heads and Drip Trickle Irrigation Pipe

Specifications and performance of embedded cylinder dripper heads and drip trickle irrigation pipe

The embedded cylinder drip trickle irrigation pipe is made of new and advanced materials, with unique design and advantages in key technical indicators such as anti-blocking ability, water uniformity, and durability. It has high product cost performance and long service life, bringing great benefits to users. The dripper is equipped with a large area filter and a wide flow channel structure, with accurate control of water flow, making the drip irrigation pipe suitable for various water sources. All drip trickle irrigation have anti-siphon and root barrier structures, making them widely applicable to buried drip irrigation.

Applications of Drip trickle irrigation pipes

  • Widely used in greenhouse, shed, open-air planting and green engineering.

  • Suitable for field crops, orchards, and tree greening in areas with lack of water resources and labor.

Drip trickle irrigation pipe specifications

  • Wall thickness: 1mm.

  • Pipe diameter: 16mm.

  • Working pressure range: 50~250Kpa.

Drip trickle irrigation pipe features

  • Can cover a distance of over 100 meters on flat ground.

  • Easy to install, use and maintain.

  • Made of high-strength, nano-formulated, anti-aging, wear-resistant materials with long service life.

  • The dripper has the function of turbulent flow efficiency, anti-biological blockage, and uniform dripping.

Characteristics of Embedded Cylinder Dripper Mold

The embedded cylinder drip mold has the following advantages

  • Firstly, it saves water.

  • The dripper holes are evenly distributed, and the yield of crops can be greatly improved compared with traditional irrigation mode.

  • Water and fertilizer can be applied simultaneously. By using the embedded cylinder drip mold for drip irrigation, fertilization can be saved in addition to labor.

  • It can save labor and facilitate automated management.

  • Drip irrigation moistens the local soil, reduces weed growth, prevents the breeding of pests and diseases, improves crop quality, accelerates maturity, and increases economic benefits.

  • The embedded cylinder drip irrigation pipe has a large-area inlet flow channel with excellent anti-blockage effect.

  • Due to its relatively thick wall thickness and high strength, and one-piece design that increases its service life, the embedded cylinder drip irrigation pipe can be used under harsh environmental conditions. In places where there is a large temperature difference between day and night, the one-piece design allows for simultaneous expansion and contraction without changing the operational characteristics of the drip irrigation pipe, preventing it from falling off or leaking.

Due to the advantages of good water droplet uniformity, relatively long relative laying length, good resistance to clogging, and simple and convenient installation, the embedded cylinder drip irrigation pipe has been applied in agriculture, ecological greening, landscape greening, and greenhouse fields as a modern water-saving irrigation product.

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