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Introduction of Micro Sprinkler Irrigation and Sprinkler System

Introduction of Micro Sprinkler Irrigation and Sprinkler System

1. What is sprinkler irrigation?

Sprinkler irrigation is an irrigation method that uses water pump pressure or natural drop to transport irrigation water to the field through a spray irrigation system, and sprays it evenly on the farmland through sprinklers to supply water for the normal growth of crops.

Sprinkler irrigation techniques are the main situation for large-scale mechanization to solve the problems of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation and fertilization of field crops, lawns, vegetables and economic forests.

With the rapid advancement of scientific techniques and the rapid advancement of irrigation and fertilization equipment, sprinkler irrigation techniques have become a modern agricultural production technique system that integrates irrigation, fertilization and automated management.

There are many forms of spray irrigation systems, and there are different classification methods according to different classifications. According to the pressure of the spray irrigation system, it can be divided into organic pressure spray irrigation system and self-pressure spray irrigation system; according to the characteristics of the system, it can be divided into pipeline spray irrigation system and unit spray irrigation system; According to whether the main components of the system are fixed or mobile, it can be divided into three categories: mobile, fixed and semi-fixed.

2. Introduction of micro sprinkler irrigation technology

Micro-sprinkler irrigation technology is an irrigation method in which water is sprayed onto the surface of the soil at a small flow rate through a low-pressure pipeline system. This is a kind of irrigation technology gradually formed on the basis of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation technology.

3. Comparison of micro-sprinkler irrigation and sprinkler irrigation

Compared with sprinkler irrigation: the working pressure of micro sprinkler irrigation is 50% lower, which reduces pipe material requirements and energy consumption, and saves operating costs. However, the water quality requirements are higher and a filter is required.

Like drip irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation is also low-pressure irrigation and local irrigation. Compared with sprinkler irrigation, it saves water and consumes less energy; micro-spraying is good, which is beneficial to increase the humidity of the greenhouse. It is beneficial to the growth of leafy vegetables and flowers that require high humidity. Micro-sprinkler irrigation is also often used for greenhouse seedling tray irrigation. In addition, it should be noted that micro-sprinkler irrigation has higher water quality requirements and needs to be equipped with filters.

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