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The Use and Precautions of Drip Tape System

The Use and Precautions of Drip Tape System

Although drip tape systems are used more and more in modern agriculture, many users are not familiar with drip tape systems. Now let SEAPEAK introduce to you:

Ⅰ. The use of drip tape system

1. Drip irrigation water pressure adjustment

Adjust the water pressure to 0.05-0.1 MPa. Excessive pressure may cause the drip tape system to rupture. When there is no pressure gauge, it can be judged from the operation of the drip tube; if the drip irrigation hose is approximately round and the water sound is not loud, the pressure can be considered appropriate; if the drip irrigation hose is too tight, the water sound is too loud, indicating the pressure is too big and should be adjusted.

2. Water supply control

The amount of irrigation water should be determined according to the different growth periods of the crops and weather conditions. Generally, the amount of irrigation water is less in the seedling stage, more in the vigorous growth period of the crop, and more in the high temperature and drought. When there is no flowmeter display, it can be calculated by the time of water supply through the hose, or judged according to the moisture of the soil.

3. Fertilization technology

When using the drip irrigation system to fertilize, you can purchase a special fertilizing device: fertilizing tank, venturi fertilizer suction device, and fertilizing machine. Connect the outlet pipe with the branch pipe of the dropper, and continuously add the dissolved fertilizer to the fertilizing device to complete the fertilization. Fertilization is generally carried out half an hour after irrigation, and ends half an hour before the end. The hole for introducing the fertilizer should be closed when not in use.

4. Pipeline cleaning

If there is more sediment in the pipeline, the end of the capillary can be opened and flushed with high-pressure water.

Ⅱ. Precautions for drip tape system

1. Prevent clogging of drip holes. Clean the filter device regularly. When top dressing, the fertilizer must be dissolved well and impurities should be removed.

2. Pay attention to water pressure. The pressure should be moderate to avoid rupture of the soft belt.

3. The fertilizer nutrient ratio is appropriate.

4. Take good care of the plastic pipes. When not in use in summer, the pipes and soft belts placed on the ground should be collected and stored in a dark and low-temperature place. When re-used, check for cracks, leaks or blockages, and re-lay them after repairs.

Note: The correct use method can improve the efficiency of the drip tape system and also extend the service life of the drip tape system.

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