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The Use of  Irrigation Venturi Fertilizer Injectors

The Use of Irrigation Venturi Fertilizer Injectors

Ⅰ. Normal sprinkler irrigation and fertilization process

Connect the irrigation Venturi fertilizer injectors between the water inlet of the sprinkler irrigation pump and the suction pipe. If you do not spray fertilizer, close the inlet valve and outlet valve.

The normal sprinkler irrigation and fertilization process of spray irrigation system is: open the filler valve, add the fertilizer needed to control the crop area to be sprayed once into the mixing chamber of the sprinkler fertilizer dispenser, then inject clean water, drain the air in the mixing chamber, close the filler valve, and open the inlet valve and outlet valve, the sprinkler fertilizer dispenser began to supply fertilizer for the spray irrigation system. Adjust the opening angle of the outlet valve or the inlet valve to control the fertilizer supply amount or the fertilizer supply time of the sprinkler irrigation and fertilizer applicator. When finishing spraying fertilizer, close the water inlet valve, slowly open the filling valve, and close the water outlet valve when there is 1/3 of the clean water in the mixing chamber. At this time, fertilizer can be added and the next sprinkler irrigation pipeline fertilization operation program can be started. If you need to spray a large amount of fertilizer, you can also use the batch fertilization method for secondary feeding, and master the spraying time and the amount of water, and the effect is the same.

Ⅱ. How to use the irrigation Venturi fertilizer injectors?

1. The sprinkler irrigation system is operating normally.

2. Inject fertilizers, chemicals, etc. into the sprinkler irrigation system. The spraying time should usually be no less than 30 minutes. The main purpose is to eliminate the problems of slow sprinkler speed and uneven spraying. At the same time, the fertilizer can be fully diluted, so that the crop leaves can better absorb nutrients.

3. After the fertilizer solution is sprayed, there must be 30-90 minutes for the spraying system to continue to run, rinse the spray irrigation system with clean water, and pour the fertilizer from the plant leaves into the root zone of the crop to avoid the fertilizer solution from damaging the leaves.

Because the pressure required by irrigation Venturi fertilizer injectors is relatively small, it is generally not used in field irrigation and fertilization. It is often used in greenhouse vegetable and flower irrigation to achieve the integration of water and fertilizer.

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