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What Are the Advantages of Drip Irrigation System?

What Are the Advantages of Drip Irrigation System?

1. High effective utilization of water during drip trickle irrigation

Under drip trickle irrigation conditions, the irrigation water wets part of the soil surface, which can effectively reduce the ineffective evaporation of soil water. At the same time, because drip irrigation only moistens the soil near the roots of the seedlings, and the soil moisture content in other areas is low, it can prevent the growth of weeds. The drip irrigation system does not generate ground runoff, and it is easy to grasp the precise watering depth, which is very water-saving.

2. The ambient humidity is low after drip trickle irrigation

After drip irrigation, the soil root system has good permeability conditions. The fertilizer injected into the water can provide enough water and nutrients, so that the soil water is in a stable and low suction state that can meet the requirements of seedlings, and the ground evaporation in the irrigation area is also small. It can effectively control the humidity in the protected area, greatly reduce the occurrence frequency of diseases and insect pests of the seedlings in the protected area, and also reduce the usage of pesticides.

3. Drip trickle irrigation improves the quality of seedlings

Because drip trickle irrigation can supply water and fertilizer in a timely and appropriate amount, seedlings can grow healthily and improve the quality of seedlings.

4. Drip trickle irrigation has strong adaptability to terrain and soil

Because the dripper can work in a wide range of working pressure, and the outflow of the drip irrigation dripper is uniform, drip irrigation is suitable for land with undulating terrain and different types of soil. At the same time, drip irrigation can also reduce weeding and will not cause soil compaction on the ground.

5. Drip trickle irrigation saves water and labor and improves the quality of seedlings

During irrigation, water does not move in the air, does not wet the leaves, and does not evaporate the soil surface outside the effective wet area, so the direct loss of water to evaporation is minimal. It is easy to control the amount of water without causing ground runoff and deep soil leakage. Therefore, it can save 35%-75% of water compared with sprinkler irrigation.

It has opened up a new way to realize water conservancy in mountainous areas with few water sources and water shortages. Due to insufficient water supply between the plants, weeds are not easy to grow, so the interference between seedlings and weeds competing for nutrients is greatly reduced, and the labor for weeding is reduced. Since the root zone of the seedlings can maintain the best water supply and fertilizer supply state, the quality of the seedlings can be improved.

6. The cost of drip irrigation system is high

Due to the influence of the precipitation of impurities and minerals, the capillary dripper will be blocked; the uniformity of drip trickle irrigation is also difficult to guarantee. These are all obstacles to the current large-scale promotion of drip irrigation technology.

At present, it is generally used for economic crops such as tea and flowers. Although drip irrigation has many of the above advantages, the dripper is easy to block due to the small flow channel of the dripper; and the drip irrigation water volume is relatively small, which is easy to cause problems such as salt accumulation.

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