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What Are the Considerations for Drip  Trickle Irrigation in Agricultural Production?

What Are the Considerations for Drip Trickle Irrigation in Agricultural Production?

With the rapid development of the economy, the use of drip trickle irrigation system in agricultural production is becoming increasingly common. drip trickle irrigation is generally used for end irrigation. So what are the aspects to be aware of when using drip water irrigation equipment in agricultural production? Let's briefly explain it to you.

Environment for storing drip trickle irrigation equipment

Drip trickle irrigation equipment needs to be stored properly. After disassembling the equipment, it needs to be kept in a cool place instead of being placed casually.

Especially in the hot summer months, when not in use, the equipment should be collected and stored in a place where the sun cannot shine directly and the temperature is lower. When using it again, you need to check whether the drip trickle irrigation equipment is broken or blocked. If so, you need to repair it before use.

Cleaning process for drip trickle irrigation equipment

After using drip trickle irrigation for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The main pipe and drip tape should be flushed at least once. The worse the water quality used, the more times it should be flushed.

In the drip water irrigation system, dirt often accumulates at the end of the pipeline. When cleaning the main pipeline, you need to close all the secondary pipeline valves, open the end, and flush for about 5 minutes. When cleaning the drip tape, open the end of the drip tape and flush for about 1 minute until the water flowing out is clear. Regularly flushing the screen filter is necessary to keep the filter unblocked.

Matching the drip trickle irrigation pipeline with the water pump pressure

Many users have not selected the appropriate pipeline according to the length of their shed. As a result, some pipes cannot withstand the pressure of the water pump, while others cannot achieve sufficient pressure, which makes watering uneven at both ends of the shed.

Therefore, the pressure of the water pump for drip trickle irrigation needs to be matched with the pressure borne by the pipeline, otherwise there may be pipe bursts or insufficient pressure.

The above are some of the things to be aware of when using drip trickle irrigation equipment in agricultural production. Although they may not be very comprehensive, they are some of our experience. We hope they can bring you some help. If you have any questions about the use of irrigation equipment in agricultural production, you can contact our company in a timely manner.

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