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What Are the Ways of Water-saving Irrigation?

What Are the Ways of Water-saving Irrigation?

Common water-saving irrigation methods include anti-seepage methods, sprinkler irrigation, micro-spray irrigation, seepage irrigation, and drip trickle irrigation, all of which are passive irrigation methods that require human manipulation of irrigation timing and water volume. Next, we will share with you several methods.

Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation uses pipelines to disperse high-pressure nozzles into fine water droplets, which are uniformly sprayed onto the field for irrigation purposes. As an advanced mechanized or semi-mechanized waterinmethod, it has been widely used in many developed countries.

Micro-spray irrigation

Micro-spray irrigation is a newly developed micro-irrigation method that uses plastic pipes to transport water, which is then partially irrigated through micro-spray heads. It is more water-saving than general sprinkler irrigation and can increase yield by more than 30%. The micro spray irrigation system can improve the microclimate in the field and can be combined with fertilizers to improve their effectiveness. It is mainly used for irrigation of fruit trees, cash crops, flowers, lawns, and greenhouses.

Drip trickle irrigation

Drip trickle irrigation uses plastic pipes to deliver water from the hole in the straw or the drip head with a diameter of about 10mm to the roots of the crops for partial irrigation. It is currently the most effective water-saving irrigation method in arid and water-scarce regions, with a water utilization rate of up to 95%.

Drip trickle irrigation has a higher water-saving and yield-increasing effect than sprinkler irrigation and can improve fertilizer efficiency by more than twofold. It can be applied to fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops as well as greenhouse irrigation, and can also be used for field irrigation in arid and water-scarce areas. Its disadvantage is that the drip head is easily clogged and should therefore be strictly filtered. Currently, China drip irrigation equipment has passed quality standards, and the use of Drip trickle irrigation should be actively encouraged in areas with the necessary conditions.

Drip trickle irrigation can be divided into fixed, semi-fixed, and mobile types depending on the degree of pipe fixation. Fixed Drip trickle irrigation has pipes and drip heads fixed in place during the irrigation season. Its advantage lies in its simple operation, labor-saving, time-saving, and good irrigation effect.

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