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Application and Pros and Cons of Labyrinth Drip Tape

Application and Pros and Cons of Labyrinth Drip Tape

Application of labyrinth drip tape

Single-wing: This equipment is mainly made of polyethylene raw materials and recycled materials, using extrusion blow molding and vacuum mold forming, with drip holes on one side and labyrinth non-reusable drip tape.

Labyrinth drip tape is widely used for irrigation of crops such as farmland, greenhouse, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, cotton, corn and wheat. It is a professional equipment that saves water, energy and increases yield and income.

Multi-layer: Two extruders are used to compound in a co-extruded mold to improve the adhesion and pump pressure capacity of the drip tape, and avoid bursting and cracking. However, the labyrinth drip irrigation has inherent deficiencies. Compared with the built-in patch drip tape, it has the following characteristics:

  • The embedded drip head comes with a filter window and has good anti-blocking performance.

  • Turbulent flow channel design. Uniform irrigation.

  • The drip head and pipeline are highly integrated.

  • The drip head spacing is adjustable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Drip tape is a plastic pipe that delivers water to the roots of crops through holes or drippers with a diameter of about 10 millimeters. It is a way of irrigation that slowly and uniformly drips water into the soil near the roots of crops through very small outlets such as drippers or drip tapes.

Function of drip tape

It is the most effective water-saving irrigation method in arid and drought-stricken areas, and its water utilization rate can reach 95%. Drip irrigation is more water-saving and has higher yield-increasing effect than sprinkler irrigation. At the same time, it can be combined with fertilization to increase fertilizer efficiency by more than twice. It is used for irrigation of fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops, greenhouse, and can also be used for field crop irrigation in arid and drought-stricken areas. The disadvantage is that the drip head is prone to fouling and blockage, and the water source must be strictly filtered.

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