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What the Benefits of Sprinkler Irrigation for Water Conservation?

What the Benefits of Sprinkler Irrigation for Water Conservation?

Sprinkler irrigation can improve crop yield

When sprinkling, irrigation water is delivered in the form of water droplets, moistening the soil like rainfall without damaging the soil structure. It creates an excellent water condition for crop growth. As the irrigation water is delivered and distributed to the field through various sprinkler devices, it is operated under controlled conditions and can accurately supply water according to the water supply conditions and crop water demand laws.

In addition, sprinkler irrigation can also regulate the microclimate in the field. By adding air humidity through sprinkler irrigation during dry and hot windy seasons, it can lower the temperature and have excellent effects. In early spring, it can prevent frost by using sprinkler irrigation. Practice has shown that sprinkler irrigation can increase crop yield by 15% to 25% compared to surface irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation can save water

As there is no water loss in the sprinkler irrigation system, it can control the sprinkler intensity and water volume well. It irrigates water evenly, and the water utilization rate is high.

The irrigation uniformity of sprinkler irrigation can generally reach 80% to 85%, and the effective water utilization rate is over 80%. Compared with surface irrigation, the water consumption can be reduced by 30% to 50%.

Sprinkler irrigation has strong adaptability

Sprinkler irrigation has an outstanding advantage that it can be used for various types of soil and crops, and is less restricted by terrain conditions. For example, sprinkler irrigation can be used in places where surface irrigation is difficult, such as sandy soil and slopes with a gradient of up to 5%.

In areas with a high groundwater level, surface irrigation can make the soil layer too moist, which may lead to soil salinization. Using sprinkler irrigation to regulate the moisture content of the surface soil can prevent the occurrence of salinization. Because sprinkler irrigation has low terrain requirements, it can save a lot of construction work for leveling farmland surface.

Sprinkler irrigation can save labor

Because the sprinkler irrigation system offered by reliable sprinkler irrigation system suppliers is highly mechanized, it can significantly reduce the labor intensity of irrigation and save a lot of labor. For example, various sprinkler machine groups can improve work efficiency by 20 to 30 times.

Sprinkler irrigation can increase land utilization rate

The use of sprinkler irrigation can greatly reduce the footprint of internal channels and ridges in the field, increase the practical planting area, and improve land utilization rate by 7% to 15%.

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