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Features, Scope of Application, and Benefits of Pressure Compensating Dripper Heads

Features, Scope of Application, and Benefits of Pressure Compensating Dripper Heads

Characteristics and application of pressure compensating dripper heads

Pressure compensating dripper heads is a type of irrigation equipment that can turn pressure water flow into drip or fine flow. It is mainly divided into pressure compensating dripper heads and non-pressure compensating dripper heads.

The main characteristics of pressure-compensating dripper heads

  • Use water flow pressure to change the elastic silicone film to adjust the water outlet cross section and regulate

  • the flow, making the water outlet stable.

  • The spacing between drip heads can be adjusted according to the distance between crops.

  • It has high watering uniformity.

  • It has an automatic cleaning function.

  • It has strong pressure compensation, especially suitable for uneven terrain, system pressure imbalance, and long capillary.

  • It is resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet rays of agrochemicals and fertilizers, and has a long service life.

Application of pressure compensating dripper heads

  • When the system pressure is unstable.

  • When it is necessary to increase the length of the capillary.

  • When the terrain is complicated.

  • When the land area is irregular.

  • When crop cultivation is not standardized.

It can be widely used in greenhouses, vegetable greenhouses, orchards, grape fields, and nurseries. The button dripper is a type of pressure compensating dripper. Because of its small size and low flow rate, its appearance is similar to a button, and therefore, it is figuratively called a button dripper. The button pressure compensating dripper is usually installed on the PE pipe and used as a dripper heads terminal waterer. The button pressure compensating dripper can also achieve underground shallow buried dripper heads.

Advantages of pressure compensating drippers

Pressure compensating drippers use water flow pressure to make elastic components or channels deform, causing the water passage cross-sectional area to change, achieving flow stability, and automatically adjust the water output and self-cleaning. The water output uniformity is high, but the manufacturing process is complex, and the price is relatively high. Also, the performance of the elastic material is directly related to the pressure compensation characteristics of the dripper. Only when the performance stability of the elastic material is similar to that of the dripper material can the entire dripper work stably for a long time.

Pressure-compensating drippers can maintain the dripper flow rate basically unchanged in a relatively large pressure range, thereby increasing the adaptability of drippers to complex terrain.

Moreover, when using pressure compensating drippers, the number of drippers arranged in the same branch pipe can be greatly increased, and the corresponding branch pipe can be reduced, thereby reducing the cost of the pipe network. Also, pressure compensating drippers are not sensitive to temperature changes, which is beneficial to ensure and stabilize irrigation uniformity.

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