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New Trend in Water-saving Irrigation Equipment: Sprinkler Irrigation

New Trend in Water-saving Irrigation Equipment: Sprinkler Irrigation

Popularization of sprinkler irrigation equipment (integrated water and fertilizer technology)

The integrated water and fertilizer technology is becoming more and more popular. Not only can crops absorb water and fertilizer nutrients adequately, but also the integrated technology of water and fertilizer conservation is well recognized by the country and farmers. Compared with surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation equipment has higher spraying efficiency, time and labor-saving, less terrain restriction, even water distribution, and significant production effects, saving water by 30%-50% and increasing crop production by 20%-30%. However, the limitation of sprinkler irrigation is that it is affected by weather conditions such as high temperature, wind direction, and strong winds, which may lead to uneven water distribution.

What conditions are required for using sprinkler irrigation equipment (integrated water and fertilizer technology)?

  • Develop a reasonable irrigation plan and adjust it based on the soil moisture content. Under the limited condition of water source, watering can be adjusted during the time when crops need more water.

  • Layout the irrigation points evenly and reasonably to make the soil moist and the moisture content uniform. Besides, the optimal interval between nozzles is 0.6-1.3, and the location of adjacent nozzles should be staggered to avoid dead corners of spraying.

  • Adjust the irrigation intensity appropriately. When the irrigation amount is small and the water is insufficient, the yield increases with the increase of irrigation amount and water consumption. After the irrigation amount reaches a certain level, the yield increase begins to decrease with the increase of irrigation amount. When the irrigation amount reaches the maximum value, the yield not only does not increase but also may decrease. Therefore, excessive irrigation should be avoided to prevent unnecessary waste of water.

  • Strictly control the index of sprinkler irrigation equipment according to the instrument of sprinkler irrigation system suppliers and adjust the nozzle appropriately based on crops to produce proper spray indicators to facilitate crop growth.

  • The water source for sprinkling is usually surface water and groundwater, but its requirements are not high. Water sources with low sand content and small pollution can be used. If there is a river nearby, river water can be selected as the water source. If the water distance of the channel is far away, the secondary lifting method can be used to work.

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