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The Trickle Watering System is Trustworthy

The Trickle Watering System is Trustworthy

The water dripping irrigation is called as the trickle irrigation for short, which is a kind of high-tech technology comprised of modern agriculture, high polymer materials and processing, precision machinery repair and manufacturing, and automation technology. The basic principle of the trickle irrigation is that the pressurized water is filtered and, if necessary, together with soluble fertilizers (or pesticides), transported through the pipeline system to the dripper in the form of trickling water, and the appropriate amount of water and nutrients are supplied to the root system of the crop. Here are some benefits of using the trickle watering system:

1. The trickle irrigation is an integral part of the modern agriculture.

2. The trickle irrigation is the most accurate irrigation technology with the highest water use efficiency.

3. The trickle irrigation is the irrigation technology with the highest degree of intensification, which is easiest to realize automatic control.

4. The application of trickle irrigation technology is the core to ensure food security. In major agricultural areas, efforts will be made to carry out the demonstration, popularization and application of the technology systems to make agriculture products more high-quality and high-yielding with the trickle irrigation water-saving technology as the core. We will also raise the utilization rate of water, safeguard and increase the irrigation area, improve the ability of resistance to drought with as few input as possible, which will definitely ensure and promote food crop output and food security of each major agricultural areas. The trickle irrigation not only solves the problem that rice consumes too much water, but also the problem of pollution in the paddy field water (surface and groundwater), and soil pollution. It also improves the quality of agricultural products and reduces the content of pesticides.

5. The trickle irrigation is the most suitable technology for cultivation in arid and protected areas.

6. The trickle irrigation is the most environmentally friendly irrigation technology.

7. Reduce pollution. Reduce fertilizer use by 50%, and reduce farmland pollution and groundwater pollution.

8. Inferior water utilization. Domestic and brackish water can be used for irrigation.

9. Improve the ecological environment. The trickle watering system has important strategic significance in preventing desertification, controlling desert, ecological improvement, creating the desert oasis region, improving ecological environment and soil and water conservation.

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