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What Are the Benefits of Micro-spray Irrigation Technology?

What Are the Benefits of Micro-spray Irrigation Technology?

What are the advantages of using micro-spray irrigation technology for sprinkler head atomized irrigation?

  • micro-spray irrigation saves water and fertilizer, and reduces energy consumption. Using micro-spray (refractive atomized micro-spray) irrigation technology to irrigate crops, the amount of water is small (40L/h), the irrigation range is wide, the average water consumption is low. The micro-spray irrigation system has low pressure and does not require large pressure devices, so energy consumption is small. After filtering through the micro-spray, the crops are irrigated, and fertilization is applied to the roots and leaves of the crops, which improves fertilizer utilization. Using refractive atomized micro-spray irrigation saves more than 70% compared to traditional ground irrigation, saves more than 30% of fertilizer, and saves about 50% of energy compared to large sprinkler irrigation.

  • micro-spray irrigation technology has the advantages of increasing yield, improving product quality and increasing efficiency. Under micro-spray irrigation conditions, using ground-inserted refractive atomized micro-spray heads for citrus can increase yield by more than 30%, for apples by 20%~30%, for black fungus by 1~2 times, and for pepper by 30%~40%.

  • Refractive atomized micro-spray or double-sided wheel micro-spray can be used for irrigation. The spray radius is large, the atomization effect is good, and compared with drip irrigation, the drip tape, drip tube, and drip head of micro spray irrigation system are less affected by the terrain, and can meet irrigation needs under different conditions.

What are the shortcomings of using micro-spray irrigation sprinkler head atomized irrigation technology for irrigating crops?

  • Using micro-spray irrigation or drip irrigation belts for irrigation is a relatively traditional irrigation method, and the irrigation cost of drip irrigation heads and micro-drip irrigation is higher and more affected by factors such as wind speed, light, and temperature.

  • Compared with drip irrigation belts, pressure-compensated drip irrigation heads are almost suitable for all crop irrigation. When using micro-spray for irrigation, the growth environment of the crop needs to be considered, and refractive atomized micro-spray heads, double-sided sprinkler heads, large wheel micro-spray heads, or cross-shaped atomizing micro-spray heads are most suitable for irrigating crops with large water demand, humid growing environment fruits, leafy vegetables, fungi, fruits and flowers, nurseries or municipal landscaping.

For crops such as tomatoes and eggplants that are prone to moisture damage, quality decline, and yield reduction, pressure-compensated drip heads, drip irrigation belts, drip tubes, and turbulent flow small outlet pipes are recommended for micro-drip irrigation.

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