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The Sand Media Filter

The Sand Media Filter

The sand media filter can be used alone or in combination with mesh filter and laminated filter according to the needed amount and filtration requirements of irrigation projects. As the primary filter before the mesh and laminated filters, the sand media filter can improve the filtering effect of mesh and laminated filters. The filter tank is the metal structure, and the surface adopts the technology of automobile baking paint. It will not fade when it has been used outdoors for a long time. With the improved anti-corrosive and rust-proof performance, the tank has a long service life.

The sand media filter uses sand as the filter medium, which is mainly composed of inlet, outlet, filter tank, sand bed and sewage hole. The sand media filter needs to be back washed periodically, and double or multiple tanks sand media filters can also supply water to the system during the backwash process. The sand media filter can filter both organic and inorganic impurities.

Ⅰ. The applications of the sand media filter

The sand media filter is one of the media filters, and its sand bed is the three-weft filter. Therefore, it has a strong ability to intercept dirt, and is suitable for deep well water filtration, agricultural water treatment, pretreatment of a variety of water treatment processes, which can also be used in factories, rural areas, hotels, schools, horticultural farms, water plants and other places. Of all the filters, the sand media filter is effective in treating organic and inorganic impurities in water. This filter has a strong ability to remove and retain impurities and ensures an uninterrupted water supply. As long as the organic content in the water is more than 10mg/L, no matter how much the inorganic content is, the sand media filter should be used.

Ⅱ. The advantages of the sand media filter

1. It can filter the water containing a high concentration of impurities;

2. With the backwash function, it can achieve uninterrupted water supply;

3. The interface is of flange type and buckle type, which is easy to assemble;

4. The medium of the sand media filter provides the effect of the three-weft filter, and its ability to remove impurities is stronger than the ability of the mesh and laminated filters.

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