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How to Choose the Drip Irrigation Filter?

How to Choose the Drip Irrigation Filter?

Filtering devices are essential in farmland irrigation system. Impurities in the water are mainly divided into physical impurities, chemical impurities and biological organic impurities. In practical field applications, especially when the area is large, it is very necessary. In some small-area drip irrigation system, many farmers do not install filter devices. They say that drip irrigation tape is changed once a year and will not be blocked once, but long-term use will also have a great impact on the main pipe. What drip irrigation filter equipment is currently available? Let's briefly introduce it.

1. Drip trickle irrigation sand and gravel filter

Sand and gravel filter is generally used in drip trickle irrigation system that uses surface water to irrigate large farmland. Generally, more than two filter tanks are connected in parallel to form a filter station through a pipeline of the water outlet, which can filter organic impurities, including algae, moss, some bacteria and other organisms. For the use of lake water for irrigation, it is best to choose a sand and gravel filter. It is a kind of filter with excellent filtering effect in large area.

2. Drip trickle irrigation centrifugal filter

The centrifugal filter uses the principle of centrifugal force to spin the water and separate the sand from the water. As long as the selection is reasonable, the working flow of the system is constant, and the sand removal effect of the centrifugal filter is very good.

3. Drip trickle irrigation screen filter

The screen filter has a better effect on the treatment of water bodies with inorganic impurities, such as silt and sand in the water. For water with a lot of organic impurities, screen filters are generally useless. The screen filter is different from the sand filter in that it cannot store a large amount of organic impurities and is generally used as a secondary filter.

4. Drip trickle irrigation laminated filter

The laminated filter is a kind of filter between the sand filter and the screen filter. By using a large number of very thin circular laminated sheets, they are stacked and locked to form a cylindrical filter element. Water passes between the pieces, leaving impurities in the filter tank.

5. Drip irrigation Y-shaped filter

For water with sand or other debris, these impurities can damage valves, pump impellers and other drip irrigation system components. A variety of Y-type filters are often used to treat these impurities, and they are generally installed downstream of the filtration system as a secondary filter. It can also be installed on the head of the field branch pipe to prevent capillary clogging. 

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