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Advantages of Agricultural Water-saving Drip Trickle Irrigation

Advantages of Agricultural Water-saving Drip Trickle Irrigation

In the installation of water-saving irrigation equipment, we can choose different water-saving equipment according to the local environment and farmland conditions. There are mainly two categories: sprinkler irrigation and Drip trickle irrigation. Next, we will introduce to you what are the advantages of drip trickle irrigation in the irrigation process.

Drip trickle irrigation can effectively utilize water resources, saving 50% to 80% of water

Drip trickle irrigation can effectively avoid water transmission loss and deep infiltration loss, keep the surface of the soil moist, and reduce air evaporation. The water output of the dripper is less than the soil infiltration rate, thus avoiding runoff loss and water drift loss. The use of drip trickle irrigation in greenhouses can significantly reduce humidity and increase ground temperature in winter.

Drip trickle irrigation can effectively increase crop yield by 20% to 100%

Drip trickle irrigation can supply water and fertiliser according to the water consumption law of crops, timely, in small amounts, evenly and slowly, to keep the root soil of crops in the best moisture, ventilation, and nutrition state, creating a good environment for crop growth and development. The small humid scope of Drip trickle irrigation can also reduce the losses of pests and diseases and reduce yield.

Drip trickle irrigation improves fertilizer efficiency

Drip trickle irrigation is very convenient for separate fertilisation, which is easy to achieve less and frequent fertilisation, and can increase crop yield and reduce the use of fertilisers. Fertilisers can be applied directly to the root system of crops according to their consumption, maintaining the optimal balance of soil nutrition. This accurate and timely fertilisation can only be achieved by drip trickle irrigation.

Drip trickle irrigation reduces damage to crops caused by salinization and alkalinization

Due to the high frequency of watering, the concentration of soil salt is diluted, and the salt is excluded from the root soil layer of crops, avoiding the damage caused by the accumulation of salt on the surface of crops during sprinkler irrigation.

Drip trickle irrigation is conducive to automatic control

Through the Drip trickle irrigation system, water, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and other substances can be applied, which can reduce operating and management costs.

Drip trickle irrigation has strong adaptability to terrain

Even on steep slopes with a slope of 50% to 60%, the irrigation can be terminated in the drip trickle irrigation system. The pipes can be directly arranged in uneven terrain without the need for levelling, embankment building, and ridging, saving labour.

Above are some advantages of drip trickle irrigation in agricultural water-saving irrigation equipment. You can choose Drip trickle irrigation according to the properties and environment of your crops in agricultural production engineering.

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